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Leicester Height Measure Mk II


Leicester Measure has over the years become the industry standard for inexpensively measuring growth in the community. It is designed to allow any child/adult up to 2m 10cm to be measured to the nearest 1cm. Manufactured from high quality components, it is highly portable and can be assembled/stowed within minutes. It was the chosen device for the UK’s National Child Measurement Programme [NCMP] from its inception and is instrumental in making it the public health success that it has become. A picture showing it in use is the cover illustration for the NCMP Operation Guidance 2012/13 school year. Videos showing its use are on the NHS Choices website.

CGF Best Buy Product

CGF Best Buy Product

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Product Description

Measures: 0.65-2.07m, accurate to 1mm
Portable weight: 2.2kg
Dimensions: 35x42x12cm

Carrying case supplied with purchase.

The proven and improved design Leicester Height Measure is recommended by the Child Growth Foundation as being the most cost effective instrument allowing measurement accuracy to the nearest 1mm. Though this might not be essential for recording BMI, 1mm accuracy is crucial for mainstream growth monitoring.

The Measure is a free-standing, toughened plastic and portable standiometer allowing a standing-height measurement to be recorded almost anywhere. Its four upright sections, measuring arm and stabilisers can be installed/dismantled within seconds.

“It is easier to use and more reliable than a measure which has to be calibrated each time it is moved” Wessex Growth Study: ARCH DIS CHILD 1994; 70: 467-471

“It has the advantage that no metre stick is necessary to check its accuracy” Professor David Hall, President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Editor, HEALTH FOR ALL CHILDREN 3rd Edition.

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