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UK-WHO Growth Charts For Children Aged 0-4 Years


UK-WHO GROWTH CHARTS FOR CHILDREN AGED 0-4 YEARS – The new UK-WHO growth charts for children from birth to 4 years of age are now available.

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The UK–WHO growth chart combines World Health Organization (WHO) standards with UK preterm and birth data. The chart from 2 weeks to 4 years of age is based on the WHO growth standard, derived from measurements of healthy, non-deprived, breastfed children of mothers who did not smoke. The chart for birth measurements (32–42 weeks gestation) is based on British children measured around 1990. The charts depict a healthy pattern of growth that is desirable for all children, whether breast fed or formula fed,and of whatever ethnic origin.

Detailed information regarding the new charts is available on the RCPCH web site:-

UK-WHO Growth Charts

The UK-WHO charts are the recommended standard for infants in Scotland and England from May 11th 2009.


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