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UK A4 2-18 Growth Charts


This chart is the RCPCH and DH recommended chart and directly replaces the original UK90 0-20 years and the UK90 4-18 charts.

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Product Description

The 2-18 chart is mainly intended to assess the growth of school age children and young people. The growth of most children less than 4 years of age should be plotted on the more detailed UK-WHO 0-4 year growth charts. However, children who have been plotted on the NICM chart up to age two years can transfer straight onto the 2-18 chart.

The chart includes a number of new features to help plotting an interpretation

  • A birth centiles plotting scale
  • A familial height scale to predict adult height and mid parental centile
  • BMI centile lookup and plotting grid
  • A new guide to assessing puberty

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