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Royal College of Midwives conference 2013

Harlow Printing Ltd who are working in partnership with the Perinatal Institute were proud to exhibit at the Royal College of Midwives conference 2013 in Telford, held on November 13th/14th.  This was a very popular event in which we were helping to promote the new Combined Notes which the Perinatal Institute (PI) have developed with our help. To help promote the new product the PI have offered them FREE to the first 20 trusts who which to pilot the new notes for 6 months. This is with the help of funding from Harlow Printing Ltd. Also on display was the new mobile phone app developed by Harlow Printing Ltd called Baby Check. This was demonstrated to the DoH who were present and were very pleased with it especially as the app is evidence based. A recent review by an independent GP also gave it top marks. This is available in the iTunes App store. We shall look forward to a successful launch of the new Combined Notes and Baby Check. Tweet us your comments at @harlowprinting or follow us on Facebook.

Baby Check review by Stephanie deGiorgio;

“As a GP, I see many parents who are concerned about their baby when it becomes unwell and as a parent I understand that concern. It can be quite difficult in a little one to tell just how unwell they are, having spent many an evening on the phone talking friends and family through assessing their baby. When I came across the Baby Check app, I put both my mummy and doctorhead on and had a look. The few questions I had about the assessment methods (which differ slightly from some of the things we do as doctors) were quickly answered by the designers and their medical advisors. I think this app will be a great tool to help parents take a systematic approach to assessing how unwell their baby is during those stressful times when everything seems a muddle, most often at 3am when none of you have had any sleep. The instructions are very clear and the questions and guidance are straightforward. I think this app will be a great help to all parents and I feel very confident in recommending it to parents.”    –    Stephanie deGiorgio, GP and mum of two.