Health for all Children

Print Partnerships

Harlow Healthcare, in collaboration with Harlow Printing Ltd, are pleased to offer Print Partnerships for organisations working in the field of paediatric health.

Following years of expertise, engagement with experts and collaborations on a wide range of projects, Harlow Healthcare is now able to offer a print partnership with any size organisation in paediatric health. State of the art facilities and on-demand printing allows for extremely competitive pricing for small to medium run jobs.

Supported by Harlow Printing’s design studio, each printed product can be amended at request to suit the needs of an end user or NHS Trust. Host your products on an online shop with fully supported administration. Healthcare organisations can centralise their printed resources with version control, reporting and royalty payments on request. The centralised resource of can transform an organisations end-user engagement; giving easy access & prices for a full catalogue of printed products.

To find out more about how Harlow Healthcare could support your organisation, contact our sales team or fill out the form below.

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