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LMSgrowth – Terms of Copyright

The LMSgrowth application includes access to the UK 1990 reference data which is owned by the Medical Research Council and is subject to copyright. This data may not be disassembled or utilised in any other software or for any other purpose than those contained in the software license.

The data must not be copied or duplicated by any method or used for the production of forms, charts or utilised in any other software application or for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the Medical Research Council.
The LMSgrowth macro should not be modified nor any additional functionality added to the application without permission.

This license agreement permits the user to utilise the 1990 UK reference data within LMSgrowth only and all rights not expressly granted are retained and not licensed to you.

I accept the terms of the above agreement
I do not accept the terms of the above agreement


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