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iGrow partners with EMIS Health

EMIS Health have been working to ensure that healthcare professionals across the NHS have all the information they need through the provision of their electronic patient records. For 30 years, EMIS Health have been providing this service, and now they can offer iGrow as part of their package. 

A clinically led decision, advised by experienced clinicians, has instigated the collaboration with iGrow. EMIS Health aim “to develop the best possible technology so that healthcare professionals can do their jobs effectively – and can ultimately improve patient health.” – Having iGrow on-board progresses this aim. 

To see the publication on the EMIS Health site, please click the below button. 

Now more than 10,000 organisations across every major healthcare setting can access iGrow through their integrated, EMIS Health software

The integration of iGrow with EMIS allows clinical data to be shared between the two platforms in real-time. This removes the need for double-input of data with access to iGrow at the flick of a switch.

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