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iGrow software has been designed to provide a system for monitoring growth including height, weight, head circumference and BMI. The system will work both anonymously or with individual patient details.

The data is stored in a standard SQL database and is therefore readily available for analysis using standard report writing tools or export as a csv file etc.

The data recorded can be as simple or as complex as you require, obviously the more data recorded the more in depth the analysis that can be performed. The following data can be recorded in the system however, none of the data fields are mandatory.

Recorded Data:

  • Individual personal details including name address etc.
  • Height, weight and head circumference. On entering height and weight BMI is automatically calculated.
  • 10 free fields where the data is defined by the user. For example if the user wishes to analyse the results based on school attended then this information could be recorded in one of the free fields.

Included in the system:

  • WHO/UK1990 0-20 standard charts
  • Turners Charts.
  • Down’s Charts.
  • Sitting Height Charts.
  • Blood Pressure Charts.
  • Ability to email charts/notes to authorised recipients.

Surveillance System Functions:

  • Data analysis by recorded information, ie, Height weight BMI etc by ethnic group, breast feeding, smoking habits etc.
  • Export data in various formats.

Screening individual records:

  • Individual growth patterns can be recorded and viewed on standard charts.
  • Data sharing across disciplines, (growth charts can be accessed by authorised users) so Social services, health visitors, paediatricians etc all have instance access.
  • Charts and notes can be freely emailed within the authorised user group (no external email avoiding possible accidental emailing of personal data to unauthorised personnel).


  • The system has been designed with a standard API which will enable our system to work as a ‘plug-in’ to any existing system facilitating data sharing and seamless integration.
  • The system will also work as a standalone product.
  • iGrow is now installed in over 30+ NHS Trusts throughout the UK, with the majority being linked to the Hospital/Trust’s EPR of choice, using a bespoke API. It is now also hosted in a secure Cloud environment inside HSCN to allow other customers to utilise its versatility.
  • We are pleased to say iGrow is the only system in the UK which utilises the UK data behind the chart to calculate the measurement, resulting in a far more accurate plot than simply using an X-Y axis and an image overlay.

For more information please contact us on 0191 455 4286 or email us at for a free trial.


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