Health for all Children


I – Infant crying is normal

C – Comforting methods can help

O – It’s OK to walk away

N – Never, ever shake a baby


normal crying curve
Barr RG. The normal crying curve: what do we really know?
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 1990;32(4):356-362.

Speak to someone if you need support such as your family, friends, Midwife, GP or Health Visitor.

ICON is here to help prevent abusive head trauma. ICON is an evidence based programme consisting of a series of brief ‘touchpoint’ interventions that reinforce the simple message making up the ICON acronym.

ICON was conceived following years of study and research into prevention of Abusive Head Trauma (AHT). The ICON founder, Dr Suzanne Smith PhD, consolidated the study and research with a visit to USA and Canada in 2016 (courtesy of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowship) to see the prevention programmes in action and to understand more about what makes such programmes a success.

To date we have trained thousands of practitioners, including Health Visitors, Neonatal Nurses, Family Support Workers, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and many others who work with babies from birth to three months old.

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