Health for all Children

Child Poverty Action Group


The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is a leading charity working for the end of poverty among children and young people in the UK. Over 3 million children live in income poverty in the UK, one of the highest rates in Europe. CPAG believes that everyone should enjoy a childhood free from poverty and discrimination, regardless of the status of their parents or carers.

CPAG has over 5,000 members and subscribers. We offer several different types of membership subscription, each of which provides a different combination of CPAG publications.

What we do

Advice & advocacy
Ensuring that low income families receive the financial support to which they are entitled is essential to tackling child poverty. CPAG provides expert advice on all aspects of social security and tax credits. A daily advice line is open to advisers and our staff respond to over 1,000 queries a year.

Campaigning and policy
CPAG’s Poverty journal, policy publications and briefings inform, stimulate and develop the debate on ending child poverty. CPAG’s expertise means that we are well placed to influence Parliament and the media.

CPAG’s handbooks are an essential resource for thousands of volunteer and paid advisers, community workers, lawyers and members of the public. The Welfare Benefits & Tax Credits Handbook (published annually) gives full coverage of all aspects of social security and tax credits. We publish handbooks on the child support scheme, fuel rights, debt advice, migration and social security, and paying for care, and the Welfare Benefits & Tax Credits CD-ROM.

CPAG’s training courses help ensure that advisers, new or experienced, have the information, skills and confidence to be effective. Over 1,000 people a year attend our courses and seminars.