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Digital Pens and Paper – Anoto Accreditation

Harlow Printing Limited is pleased to announce that we have now acquired Anoto Accreditation. 

With the Anoto digital pen and paper technology added to your business/hospital forms, you’ll be able to transmit your data in seconds, not hours or days. The Anoto solution eliminates the timely data entry and scanning hours to deliver you an instant reporting line. This leads to a reduction in administration time and costs and coupled with increased reporting efficiency can bring an increase in productive man hours, without changing the basic way you work.

The Pattern is a matrix of dots that is completely unique with no single area ever repeated; it is simply printed over the top of your standing form artwork. With sophisticated hand writing recognition and programmable data fields your form, in conjunction with the pen, will capture all of your important data and convert it to raw data in a format that will upload into your computer data system.

The Pen looks and operates like an ordinary pen. However, this pen records and stores the information as it is written. Equipped with an infra-red camera the pen reads the digital pattern as a series of map co-ordinates by taking up to a hundred images of pen strokes per second and converts them into digital data. Paired with a smart phone or USB docking station, your form data can be sent to your company’s server using Wi-Fi or 3G.

Anoto Pen

Why not give us a call on 0191 4554286 to discuss any requirement you have or any areas where you think this new technology will work. Our sales team are happy to call and discuss with you how the system works and to get the ball rolling with potential costs and savings.


For more general information on digital pen technology check out the Anoto website at