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Department of Health publish Measuring Childhood Obesity: Guidance for Primary Care Trusts
The Department of Health (DH) published Measuring Childhood Obesity: Guidance for Primary Care Trusts on Wednesday 11th January.

We believe the resources available on our website will be of real benefit and are specifically relevant to the following sections from the publication:

Section 2 The Core data set

In this section we can confirm that our software package, Growth Online, complies with all of the requirements specified:

Summary item 9 states “BMI will be calculated separately from the measuring process”
Growth Online calculates BMI (automatically) in the background and can only be viewed when requested.

2.2.1: the data that should be collected for each child
Growth Online records all or the requested parameters.

2.2.2: PCT’s are asked not to calculate BMI at the point of measurement
Growth Online calculates BMI in the background and is not visible unless specifically requested.

2.2.3: PCT’s are invited to approach schools to provide pupil lists
If provided in a suitable format this information can be imported into the software saving time re-entering core data.

Section 3: The role of the PCT

3.1: Models that work locally
Click here for examples of schemes to measure BMI in children that are already up and running are included in our obesity section. We would also like to include other examples of PCT experiences so if your PCT has experiences or comments they wish to pass on to others please let us know.

3.3.2: Child Health Information Systems are not, at present, sufficiently developed or consistent, at national level, to hold this data
Growth Online will satisfy the requirements, in addition as the data is in an SQL database it is available for export to other systems when they become available.

Click here for more information regarding the capabilities of our iGROW software.

Section 5: Good practice when measuring

Our online shop lists the equipment recommended by the Child Growth Foundation which also appears in the DH Publication “Obesity Training Courses for Primary Care“. The shop features weighing scales that comply with the EU directive 90/384/EEC and the Leicester Height Measure, which is recommended by both the CGF and features in the child health care manual “Health For All Children“.

We have negotiated a special reduced price for the Tanita WB 100 S MA floor scale, which conforms to the EU directive referred to in the DoH publication, and is recommended by the Child Growth Foundation.

Contact us if you would like any further information on growth software, measuring and weighing equipment or training.


Weight Matters For Children

A complete guide to weight, eating and fitness.
Weight Matters For Children is a unique compilation of current United Kingdom nutritional advice which is fully evidence-based for professional reference whilst taking a family-centred approach to eating and exercise. It offers practical solutions that families can use to modify their lifestyles and addresses the many reasons behind the current obesity epidemic. It also examines general nutrition issues, along with common illnesses and conditions.

Author: Rachel Pryke, General Practitioner, Redditch, Worcestershire, Member of Worcestershire Obesity Prevention and Reduction Strategy Working Group

Foreword by Joe Harvey, Director, Health Education Trust, Chair, Caroline Walker Trust, Council Member, ‘Sustain.’