Health for all Children

Conference Reports

Click below to read the executive summary of the conference entitled “Annual BMI Checks in Schools Workshop”.

The workshop was the third in a series facilitated by the Child Growth Foundation to inform policy makers on various aspects of childhood obesity [1]. It was called to discuss a recommendation by the House of Commons Health Committee that the BMI of every UK child be assessed annually and the Government’s acceptance of that recommendation. In the context of an alleged increase in the numbers of overweight and obese British children, and the need to tackle the epidemic, was such a frequency feasible and desirable as a public health, clinical and/or educational measure.

The summary includes the outcome of votes on key questions such as:

  1. Should BMI checks in school be taken universally?
  2. Should every child be monitored every year in primary school?
  3. Should the first check be taken at school entry (4-5 yrs)?
  4. How many further checks should be taken in primary school (6-11yrs)?
  5. How many checks should be taken in secondary school (11-16yrs)?
  6. How should the data be collected?
  7. Which definition should be used for overweight/obesity?

The views of key speakers and participants including presentations are also contained in the executive summary.