Health for all Children

Baby Check


BabyCheck is a new App designed for smart phones to help parents of newborn babies assess the severity of illness in infants under one year old. BabyCheck will help you decide whether your baby needs to see a Doctor or Health Visitor. It contains 18 simple checks which test for different symptoms and signs of illness. Answering yes or no to each check, the App will then add up the scores and advise you of the correct course of action you should take.

Try the checks first when your baby is well; you will then find it easier to use when you are worried about your baby. If there are any checks which you don’t understand talk to your health visitor, midwife or doctor. BabyCheck also has growth charts for the first year of life to help you monitor your babies’ weight utilising the current National Standard Growth Charts: this is a first for the UK.

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