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healthrecordHarlow Printing Limited has been supplying the Personal Child Health Record  (PCHR) for over 24 years. We have been working with the National Standard Working party for over 13 years to ensure that its content is current and relevant in today’s fast moving health environment.

In that respect we are pleased to display the new Version 4.4 2016 Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) which has been amended to incorporate changes to the immunisation schedule from July 2016.

To keep up with some of the modern technology available on smart phones we have added QR codes to provide signposts to further information. There are new pages to record Blood Spot Screening as well as the new ASQ’s which were introduced in the UK at the beginning of April. Please note there have been amendments to the National PCHR which now incorporate the new Men B vaccine. There are also new pages regarding ”what happens after having a vaccination” which are very important.

The RCPCH has issued a statement regarding the paper PCHR and the ePCHR project as stated below;

There is no intention to withdraw the paper PCHR as it is important that parents have a choice in how they access information.”

This latest update was published in August 2016.


To download a copy of the current version (4.4) please click here

Harlow Printing Limited also supply other versions of the PCHR.

To download a PDF copy of the Scottish PCHR click here

To Download a PDF copy of the full Downs PCHR insert including instructions and boys/girls charts click here

We are also working with our partner Sitekit in developing the new electronic version of the PCHR called the eRedbook. Go to for a demonstration.



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